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Sometimes the best writers are those that don't actually enjoy the series. ~ feel free to enjoy my stories, but I do not want followers.

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Applejack is suddenly thrust into a new and fantastical journey. Following along with her now older sister Apple Bloom, Applejack experiences the wonders of another life.

(Part of the Human TF Contest. The theme of said contest was to write Autumn. Sadly didn't win any place, but still want to upload for fun.)

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to The Beginning

Story two in "The War" stories. In this story, we follow Dasher as she struggles to deal with her loss, and joins the rebellion against Queen Nightmare Moon. Follow the adventures she has, and what she experiences. Welcome to, Starting a flame.

(Also thanks to SweetStrokesStudios for making the amazing cover art for this story.)

(Also spoilers in comments section.)

Chapters (14)

This story is a an alternate universe story about what events (could) aspire if Nightmare Moon smashed the Elements of Harmony, and defeated the main 6. Welcome to, The Beginning.

(Sequel is here.)

Chapters (14)
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