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Blue Midnight

Perceiver, after some events, found himself in Equestria alongside his friend Ian, or Dimension Shift. He needed a name, so his newer friend, Icy Creation, suggested Blue Midnight.

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I don't know, and I kinda like you, but I suspect people are confused and irritated with your roleplay.
That "Ian" stuff and all.
It also feels pretentious, after reading the explanation.

I just realised out of the four, the four being myself (Blue Midnight or the Perceiver), Ian/Dimension Shift, Icy Creation, and Polaris, only Polaris will forever be without an Equestrian name. Although I might think of one someday. Perhaps Cyan Shadow. No, too close to another name I've heard. Cyan Darkness? Perhaps... How about Polaris for now? That will do fine for the time being.

Why does everybody hate everything I post? I'm fine with it, I know better than to let others opinions bother me, it's just an anomaly. Why exactly am I so easy to hate?

And Perceiver has now come to Equestria, or at least he has arrived. He has been in transit between Equestria and the previous universe for one year now. And he has finally arrived. To him it has been mere minutes, to Ian it has been a year. Perceiver needed a name when he got to Equestria, and Blue Midnight suited him just fine.

Before Perceiver arrived, Ian had been there for a year. Which, while it didn't seem like that long to Ian, who is immortal, is still a year. A many things can happen over the course of a year, including someone getting a new alias. Ian needed a name when he got to Equestria, and Dimension Shift suited him just fine.

Ian made a new friend over the course of that year. The first Guardian Protector, a title given to a Guardian who has chosen to protect a single universe from every threat, instead of guarding every universe from a few threats each. And the first one? She needed a name when she was born into Equestria, and Icy Creation suited her just fine.

Edit: I just realised that image of Icy is without her mark. Her mark is the alchemical symbol for mercury.

Okay, so, I need some help.

No, really, I need help. I'm insane.

On a more serious note, I truly am insane as I have decided to start my perception of Ian's journey into the MLP universe before I have watched past even the first season. Everything I know is from the average personality's of characters from other stories, and a few episodes. And, as well, I need a image of Ian's pony form for the thumbnail or whatever the cover image is called. I know how he looks, but I'm not good at drawing. Well, that's not true. I'm not good at drawing anything other than starships. And space scenes. But otherwise, I'm not good at drawing. And certainly not at drawing organically. If anyone decides to help, just let me know and I'll write down a description of him.

Please note, I am not actually expecting help. I am just hoping for it. It would be appreciated, but not needed. I could just put a picture of Ian's human face up instead. It wouldn't be as interesting, but it would certainly be easier.

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