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New Story in the works! · 11:56pm Nov 17th, 2014

Hey all :D

New story Soon to be posted. Not been able to do much of anything lately, but finally am able to write again.

So yup! New story soon, as well as hopefully work on my previous story.

Be ready to see the new adventures of the ever lovely G&P T, and everyone's favorite lovable Mail mare! :D

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Looking for an Editor · 3:12pm Oct 2nd, 2013

hey guys, I haven't been able to write for the better part of a year, mostly due to depression T^T. But Good news, I think I will be starting up again soon, Ill be working on The Lost and Broken Trixie again as more come to me, and also I'm going to be starting a new story, one a bit less taxing on my emotional state :P.

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