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  • THer Last Letter
    The whole of Equestria has been taken over, and Twilight's been banished from it. She let nothing stop her from getting to her friends, which was her ultimate demise. In her last moments, she writes one last letter to Princess Celestia.
    Rosefall · 1k words  ·  11  6 · 171 views
  • EThe Seasonal Tribes
    "Dreamcatcher, you're nineteen now. It's time you know where you came from..." "Didn't I come from Equestria, like you and many before me?" "No... You didn't... You're from the Seasonal Tribes..."
    Rosefall · 1.6k words · 64 views
  • ECandy Pie
    Fizzlepop Berrytwist, previously known as Tempest Shadow is a reformed villain living in Ponyville. Most of the citizens however, don't trust her. But with her friends there, they can help. But why does one stick out in particular?
    Rosefall · 4.6k words · 102 views

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Haha, yes I have finally joined the fanfic groups! I've watched My Little Pony since I was young, but I only recently discovered fimfiction.net.

Comment posted by Rosefall deleted May 6th
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