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Some stuff to know about me.

Favorite pony (mane 6) : rainbow dash:rainbowkiss:
Favorite background pony: vinyl scratch
First episode of mlp i've ever seen: crystal empire part 1
Favorite genre: Mystery, suspense, adventure
Favorite villain: either sombra (i know he does nothing but i still like him) or Flim and flam (if they count honestly they're so great i want to see more of them)
Favorite ex villain: discord or starlight
Favorite song: oof so for FIM i would choose what my cutie mark is telling me or maybe babs seed oh or may the best pet win oof so many good songs!!! ugh!
Favorite eq song: Awesome as i wanna be, mostly because i listen to electric guitar solos alot and when mlp eg had this song i loved it! and i was even happier when they released the full version!
Favorite cmc: scootaloo:scootangel:
favorite pet: tank!:heart: who couldn't love him? and his little propeller is so cute!
Favorite princess: Luna
Favorite brony song: Discord tombstone remix
Favorite eq movie: Rainbow rocks, i just loved all the songs

Some Q and A:

Q: who is your favorite ship?

A: ummmmm i have to say None of them, though i'm open to idea's that are F/M

Q: why did you choose that profile pic?

A: because Rainbow dash is my favorite and this picture reminds me of calvin and Hobbes for some reason and i
love calvin and Hobbes i think bill is the best comic writer next to Stan lee

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