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If I could make a video game perk, it would be Suicidal Tendencies

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  • Today
    I won!

    *Happy bug noises*

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  • Thursday
    I think I’m going insane…

    Maybe I’m just overreacting to something not worth reacting too. Maybe I’ve been on the internet too long. Maybe I’ve written Reaper on too many times

    But every time I go to bed, I fear I won’t wake up. I fear that something will happen to you guys, and I won’t ever know. I fear that you may forget me. I fear something will happen…

    Something that will change the world… something that cause mass destruction… something that might end our existence as we know it…

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  • Thursday
    Elemental Hero

    Here's a small doodle of Hero's elemental form. What do you think?

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  • Thursday
    So I found out that recently, people were trying to cancel DanTDM for saying STFU in a Tweet

    I hope these people realize he used to swear a lot on YouTube—

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  • Wednesday
    My three contestants

    1. Husky. Because Huskies are fucking cool

    2. German Shepherd. Because it’s a German Shepherd

    3. Pitbull. Because Pitbulls are fucking adorable.

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Blue Fang Series


I won! · 12:02am 6 hours ago

*Happy bug noises*

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