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(Yeah that’s a picture I took from my phone, so what?!)

My first story!

*Sigh* Alright, here we go! (Man I’m bad at this)

What’s up Fimfiction? My name is Jaden Dekay, and I am a human turned pony by some otherworldly force that I could honestly care less about, and also somehow I ended up in Equestria!
I used to live in a run-down apartment with overdue rent, and being broke didn’t help. I also had no friends or family. So ending up in Equestria was a total upgrade considering that I am a huge fan of mlp. If waking up in this cartoon world wasn’t good enough, I woke up in the body of my OC, Luminous Skies!
Luminous Skies is a green Pegasus with a short green and blue mane, and unusually big wings. He also is bipedal, can use his wings like hands, and can harness the Aurora Lights.
He is also the seventh element of harmony: Courage.

At first I thought my new life in Equestria would be nothing but smooth sailing.

Boy...was I wrong.

Prepare for fourth-wall breaks and random references!

Sex tag for funny innuendos

Criticism and advice are deeply appreciated!

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