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Attack on.... · 4:59am Jul 14th, 2013

>forced to see "attack on titan"
>instantly falls in love with it
> i wonder.....
yep someone already did a crossover.... though should i take a crack at a ponified "attack on titan?"

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12 hours later · 4:27am Jul 12th, 2013

its been 12 hours since i publish my second crack at writing, and so far i love the results! 121 views, 10 likes and 5 dislikes later id say its pretty good for a first chapter

to those who liked it: thanks for the support you all give me the drive to keep at this

to those who disliked it: i will try harder to fix what ever you felt i did wrong if it can make the story better

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im back! · 6:20am Jul 7th, 2013

oh hey i still remember the password, although i doubt anyone is reading this but im going to take a crack on writing again.

ill do liason

i have a few stories i want to try

anyway, taking a shot of tequila and hoping for the best

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A bit of an explination.... · 9:47am Sep 4th, 2012

ill try to make this short and sweet: liaison has still burned in my mind this whole time but i cant find the time to write it.... so what i plan is to write and try to perfect a paragraph or two (or if im on a hot streak, maybe a little more) so anyone no promises but chapter 1 should be out in october


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