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Contemplations on Story Structure (Because Boops Deserve Quality) · 3:29am Dec 14th, 2019

Possibly some minor spoilers for Boops are Eternal's future, but honestly, it isn't going to be that much. Mostly since these are all conceptual at the moment.

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It is done- and the boops continue. · 6:18am Dec 4th, 2019

AHHH, It feels good to get more horsewords out! Finally chugging along with that rewrite!

While still technically a bit over a week, the first few chapters for the rewrite of BaE are up- more certainly coming when I get to them soon!

Despite that, it's 2am and I'm going to bed!

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Rewrite Notice (Addendum) · 10:25pm Nov 24th, 2019

Alright- I've come to the conclusion that I should be able to keep the story up, and just remove the last chapters n' add the new ones pretty damned quick when it comes to it. Don't need to get involved with shenanigans with it, so I'm not gonna!
Of course, it won't be now, but soon.

For now- description and image change incoming ASAP. See! This wasn't a useless blog! Hahah-

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Rewrite Unsub Notice · 9:07am Nov 24th, 2019

I'm writing this at 5am after a sleepless night, so excuse any random language dying at any point.
I can't help it. DR2 sessions are worth sleepless nights.

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Stupid Questions Volume 1, With More to Come · 3:50am Nov 22nd, 2019

So, if you could pick, how big would the pones in your universe be?

Hoers, smol as heck, or just being like half your size?

Or is it specific? Is it based on the princesses- so they're eye-level with you, or horn-to-top-of-head?
Or maybe they're arm-carry size, like grey's princesses?

These are the questions I ask myself at 12am. Now I'm asking other people too because technology
For the love of God, ignore this. Or answer the question.

I have no ulterior motives.

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New Story Out · 1:44am Nov 9th, 2019

Got a new story out- this one's a buncha' romance, with a tad bit of slice of life.

Oh, and Anon. So it's terrible by default.

But really- Sweet Biscuit is waifu material and deserves more love. :heart:

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Idle Thoughts (And asking for opinions) · 11:15pm Oct 21st, 2019

So, I'm currently working on the rewrite for BaE- and it's looking like a revision as well, so far. (Up to like 15k words and counting though- so there'll be plenty to read when I'm through!)

And considering that, I've started to look at different perspectives since I'm going through the effort anyways.

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Suddenly, Writing Direction · 9:22pm Aug 7th, 2019

So. Hiatus starting for Boops are Eternal, since i'm deciding to take it a different direction writing-wise. So, a bit of a rewrite. Style change, direction change, whatnot.

Originally, i wasn't going to do a rewrite, but then i wrote a magical story called 'Anon Gets Into a Fistfight With Applejack,' and suddenly found myself happy with doing a difference in style. Something intentionally silly for no other reason than because it's fun to write silly.

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Boops? · 4:52am Jul 5th, 2019

Friday boops. Good boops come to those who wait.

But in all seriousness- around lunchtime where i am, more boops are to come.

Hahah- i had two projects going all along!

Found the basis i wanted to work with, got inspired... you all know what happens next.

A lot of writing, that's what.

Anyways, it'll be 2am soon, back to the land of sleep.

May the princesses get all the boops.

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I'm not dead i swear · 3:04am Jul 3rd, 2019

Alright folks- the will to write has returned in force. Hopefully within the week i'll have the next story out.

It's not going to be fluffy like the last- but i'm having a ball making myself laugh as i write.

I-i'm not dead, i swear!

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