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I love Tolkien’s writings of The Lord of the Rings world, Mortal Kombat, The Elder Scrolls, My Little Pony, and others.

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Ok. Hit me up if you want a proofreader / beta reader. It may take some time for me to get back, but I should see the email notification so I think I could respond pretty quickly. I look forward to reading it.

By the way, the Nazgûl if you don’t remember has what is called the “Black Breath” which is an aura of terror surrounding them. So the Nazgûl should scare the orcs more than Fluttershy’s “The Stare”.

I’m fluent in the English language and grammar, so I might be able to help. Do you own the other story? Or are you just a collaborator with the owner of the story?

Thanks! :twilightsmile:

But right know i'm righting a chapter from another story i'm working with.

I'm having some problems on righting it since i'm a little terrible on righting English.

So until that chapter is out I will go back writing my little pony, shadow of war.

I could be your own proofreader if you’d like?
My email is theunionalliance@outlook.com so you can email me when you’re writing another chapter so I could proofread it. I can help with the Lord of the Rings lore as well, and some ideas for the story.
In your first / introductory email say “Hi, this is light shadow, the author of ‘My little pony, Shadow of war’ story on www.fimfiction.net

The story is out know.

Hope you'll enjoy it because my sister did.:twilightsmile:

I would add some of my Uruks in the story, but unfortunately it doesn't let me put the Images since since in the stories it only lets me put URL.

I tried, but it only lets me put my personal images in the title.

As for there titles, they would either introduce or on how they act., hopefully that would work.

And for the nemesis it will still be there. I would just need to improvise.

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