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Upon successfully corrupting Twilight Sparkle, the ancient deity Discord has a lot more to do in creating his perfect logic-defying world. But, he has too much than he can put his hands on! He has called upon you, the only being as odd as he is, to bring chaos to the farthest reaches of the land!
NOTE: This work is wholly satirical, any lame and over-the-top jokes are intentional and meant to enhance the atmosphere. Thus creating a social commentary on the proliferation of weaving technology in the African country of Guinea-Bissau .

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During the events of BioShock Infinite, Elizabeth accidentally opens a tear that causes her and Booker to be transported to a world alien to both of them, Equestria. Now, that isn't to say the constants aren't there.

"There's always a man, a lighthouse, and a city"

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Waking up is hard. Waking up in someplace you don't know is just confusing. Well, unfortunately for the new princess, she experiences the later.
Something has happened. Something that has changed the universe as all ponies knew it. But what? It all seems the same to most ponies. But others have The Gift. A tremendous power that gives the wielder a third eye to peer into other realities. But something wants The Wielders gone. Something that lies on the other side...

(Combining Three Chapters Into One!)

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"When all is said and done, who is there to testify?"
//File Name: Memory//
//Press ENTER to start//
//[NOTICE] ECHO voice recorder malfunctioned. Audio may be difficult to understand//
I don't remember much... What this is... What happened... But I'll tell you what I DO remember. If anyone is out there, hearing this, remember us....

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In the months following Cloudchaser's gruesome death, Flitter tries her best to survive in the cruel world of Equestria.
After having her only loved one forcefully ripped from her hooves, Flitter has no place to turn to months after her sisters untimely death. Her sisters dying words were "Don't Mind That It Hurts", her last wisdom to her sweet little sister...
The Tides of Life are flowing away from Shore...
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Cover credit goes to "Stacyisback"

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Where would you go if the weight of the universe lay heavy upon your shoulders and everyone you loved was dead, while you were engulfed in sorrow? The happiest place you can think of- Equestria. After the departure of Rose Tyler, The Doctor left to seek sanctuary in Equestria, but what he found was anything but. What you find below is an entire log of The Doctors adventures in Equestira from Hearths Warming Eve 2011 on.

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Equestria is hanging on by a thread. The Changelings are advancing on all fronts, and Canterlot is their target. Equestria's finest soldiers cannot defeat them. Princess Ceslestia is calling on seventy-five fowls to save Equestria, but she must weigh morality with desperate actions to decide if what she is doing is right. But, the Equestrians discover a secret hidden in the bowls of the universe, a secret that was never meant to be discovered. Can they use it to defeat the Changelings, or will Chrysalis use it to conquer Equestria?

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