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A polish brony since the release of equestria girls. I’m also a huge fan of the kingdom hearts series and sonic the hedgehog. Also I love nightcore songs.

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Just to let you know this is a rewrite of the fanfic here on Fimfiction called Kingdom Hearts Harmony of Hearts made by Wayward Shadow and just to point out things me and him are going to start rewriting his stories that he has cancelled starting of with Kingdom Hearts Harmony of Hearts and another story. But enough talk you want to hear the discription to this story then here you go.

"They can take your world"

"They can take your heart"

"Cut you loose from all you know"

"But if it's your fate"

"Then every step forward"

"Will always be a step closer to home"

Those words were the last thing that Sora said after going back to his home with Kiari before disappeared from existence.

During the same time Princess Twilight Sparkle had started to have dreams of a human boy fighting countless dark creatures with a sword that looks like an oversized key with a duck and a dog that fought along the boys side.

Roxas decides to go to Yen Sid's tower after the young ex-nobody was ask on the gummie phone by King Mickey to learn more about Sora's past that he didn't know even existed.

Celestia knows that the Power of Waking can't be used freely and the consequence of using it for finding someone's heart will cause the person to go back to the world there were born in.

The Foretellers and Luxu are playing something sinister for the Human Equestria but they don’t know that some of the Union Leaders that Luxu thinks are gone, are secretly there.

Quick note you don’t need to play any of the kingdom hearts games to understand This story.

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Pain, Loss, adventure, friends and Survival, all of those things I took up when I left Equestria, just to become strong, to protect the ones I love and those that are my friends.

Never have I thought that those things would change me to the teenager that I am as of now.

Twilight, Mom, Dad, Shining, Cadence and you Aunt Celestia I wish you could see me when I was taking that path but, you probably would have stopped me before taking it.

Sora I know you probably don't know me but, I'm your brother.
All those years I've spent knowing you passed away only to find out that you were alive in another world was a mix of emotions, but to be lied to for all those years by our Aunt Celestia and by King Mickey (who is my master) made me angry.
But now that I know you're safe and with Donald and Goofy, I can finally start preparing myself for our meeting, I don't know when we'll meet but if you ever need help, My door is always open to you.

I guess traveling to different worlds wasn't a bad idea after all.
Yerhnam, Lucis, Radiant Garden and others too, each world I visited thought me a new way of fighting or a new spell or style of combat.

I was a student of the first Hunter, the chosen king's friend and loyal comrade, the one winged angle's friend and a keyblade master's Apprentice.

This story will mainly take place during the events of Equestria Girls movies and between them but the first chapters will be set before equestria girls also there will be some flashbacks from the protagonists Jakub about his life when he was in other worlds.

Cover art was made by Marking an artist here on fimfiction all credit goes to him for making the newer cover images.
Editor for story is CrimsonRose97.

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