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Ever wondered if there was anyone who kept a watch over all the crossovers that ever happened? Well, this is the story of them. The Dimensions Uniting Multiverse Bureau is an organization dedicated to keeping a watch over every single interdimensional travel happening. Their reach is wide, their funding inexplicably limitless and their technology always advanced, even in the greatest science fiction world. They are all powerful.

So of course they'll take a team comprised out of a viking with the adaptability of a dodo, a ninja with the inclination to accuse everybody of having killed his sensei, a cyborg with a violent dislike for the explanation "It's magic", and a cynical, alcoholic field agent that values avoiding paperwork over preserving sentient life, and send this collection of lunatics to Equestria, just to check on something.

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When the Summer Sun Celebration is held in Ponyville again, Twilight is determined to do better than last time. Yet the visiting of an old teacher of hers makes things uncomfortable for Twilight and when Trixie comes back to Ponyville, she lacks the patience to deal with her problems.

Twilight will have to worry about far more than Trixie's return, though. Powerful beings are conspiring against Luna and an ancient evil is freed from imprisonment. All the while, dark secrets from Celestia's past loom over it all - and the name Astrodeo.

A huge thank you to Scrimshaw, and Auramane for proofreading and helping me edit this story.

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