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Silver Chary, a town guard planning to join the E.U.P suddenly found himself trying to solve mysterious cases of bizzare and gruesome deaths which started out of the blue.

However, while he did got some helping hands from a few ponies who are willing to break the rules of the local authorities of his town, the mystery increases. Will Silver find out the truth behind the bizarre death occurrences, and what fate awaits the peaceful tourist town of Richville?

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Windy Breeze, a Wonderbolt is given a gift by one of her friends. Turns out it isn't just an ordinary gift and one of the creatures who is created by this turns her into something.

Atleast she's a magical pony pegasus.

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After sealing the mirror pool, the Main Six are sure that no one could ever use it.

However, a certain Wonderbolt could answer that. She was very curious and interested.

When she looked at her reflection, she talked to herself, nervously ā€œIt's not going to hurt if i just try, right?ā€

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Ire has enough, enough of everypony's stupidity. Now, she needs to give them a lesson and she'll show it to their untouched cheeks.

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