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  • 77 weeks
    What happened to this story?

    What happened to this fanfic?


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  • 98 weeks
    New chapter

    Hello, I'm glad my friend's story is getting more likes. The new chapter for Dead Equestria includes is a reunion of a friend whose leading a large group of survivors, Oh, we also have one canon character tagging along the group and they're sad, extremely sad.

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  • 161 weeks
    Appearance of my first O.Cs

    (Left to Right) Iree Heaven (Also known as Ire Heaven) and Stormlight

    The Appearance of Iree Heaven and Stormlight, the first O.C I've created in 2018 are officially released. Here they are and tell me what you think about them.

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  • 162 weeks
    Big Problems

    The creating and editing chapters or even create future stories going to be slow. You see, my phone doesn't only lag but also has severe problems with the batteries. Once the battery hits zero, I have to wait for it to charge for 7 or 8 hours until it becomes full.

    Yeah, I know that was very cruel and all but some reasons for slow on making chapters or fixing the errors and create a new story is I ran out of ideas which also forced me to cancel a few upcoming stories.

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  • 164 weeks
    Writer Problems

    for some reason. my writers are slow at producing stories which made it slow for the upcoming episodes and Stories

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What happened to this story? · 4:20am Nov 21st, 2020

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3145678 Well I know that there are a few others (some written by your's truly), which you could probably find in the Gorgony group here on FiMFiction. :pinkiesmile:

I certainly liked it!

Although poor Fluttershy has to go through isolation and trauma of her parent's death, I'm happy the story ended well for her. This is the first mlpfic I read which features a gornony.

Well, I see you have added A Gorgony in the Everfree. I do hope you enjoy the story. :raritywink:

It was really good and I'm hoping for a sequel. It was kind of big turn of surprise to reveal Raven Inkwell was Silken Soul's sister :twilightsmile:

Thqnk you for adding Dream Vacation to your favorites. What did you think of the story?

  • Viewing 55 - 59 of 59
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