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Is pretty much dead with old stories that haven't seen the light. Is trying to learn how to animate to help give stories a face.


Still not dead (kinda) · 1:21am Feb 14th, 2022

It’s been years but I’m still here. After going to university. I’m quickly realised that trying to do something that I didn’t already have as a common habit as a career and study. Was as a mistake, however, this hasn’t made me lose my dream of animation.

I am currently in a very tricky situation with internet so it is difficult to be able to provide information or update my stories without some finagling.

Expect chapter 2 of infection to come out. Who knows when.


Merry Chrismas · 11:59pm Dec 24th, 2020

I wish you all the best Christmas day and good luck throughout the year.

Hope you all have a good future.


mary sue test Nano Discussions · 4:42pm Dec 6th, 2020

Why not?

(X) Your OC has more than 2 colors in his/her coat.
( ) Your OC has Bat Wings/Ears.
( ) They have an ethereal/flowing mane
( ) They have sparkles in their design. (Do spots of different colours in his coat count? They don't actively sparkle but idk)
( ) Your OC has had his/hers eyes change colors.
( ) Your OC has Slit/Snake/Dragon/Bat Pony Eyes.
(X) Your OC uses a form of dark magic.
( ) Your OC has changed species.
( ) Your OC is an alicorn (+5 pts.)

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Let's try something + update · 9:25am Dec 6th, 2020

It's been a while since I last posted or really done anything here. So, let's have an update on what I've been doing these last months.

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Survey about me · 10:36pm Oct 18th, 2020

Why not?

1. What is your first name?
Damon, but I honestly prefer Nano now days

2. How old are you?

3. What country are you from?
Australia. In come the memes.

4. What do you look like?
Probably some chubby guy, with bad face hair. I don't really pay attention to my looks.

5. What do you wish you looked like?
See that icon?

6. How did you come across MLP:FIM?

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Why am I drawn so much? · 12:54am Sep 28th, 2020

I don't know why but so many friends of mine have been drawing Nano. Why not? If you want Nano to have a reference sheet for you to draw off of. Give me a comment, or a like or whatever; spam me on why I should (just don't over do it). And I'll consider getting a commissioned reference sheet.

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A story? · 1:58pm Sep 24th, 2020

Well will you look at that. I posted a story within my silence.

An unsolved event, the rise of the undead and now a new mystery. A mare will have to try and understand what has happened, while surviving this new infected world.
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Now my profile is finally not longer barren. Give it a read if you want to, Chapter 1 should be posted soon, however I can't give a definitive date or time since I'm still busy with uni and all that.


Another amazing Icon from friends · 8:08am Sep 22nd, 2020

I got ANOTHER amazing new art of my ponysona thanks to misterguest Even though I didn't ask for it again. Please go to them and give them some love they deserve it as being a great artist and for doing this for a friend. I still wont be able to do much here again sorry. :ajsleepy:


A new icon from the best friends · 3:00am Jun 24th, 2020

I got new art of my ponysona thanks to Cyonix Even though I didn't ask for it. Please go to him and give him some love he deserves it for doing this for a friend. I still wont be able to do much here since I'm doing an animation course at UTS and uni stress has been pretty filling.

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Vacation? · 7:53am Mar 21st, 2020

I'm just in a really busy spot of my life so that is why I haven't been active and the such. Yes this state will continue unfortunately.

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