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World Seeds: Running out of magic · 9:27pm Aug 24th, 2020

NOTE: this is a "World Seed" posting - you're welcome to take these ideas and run with them in your own story (getting a credit would be nice, but isn't strictly necessary - though I'd want at least to know there is a story that got inspired by this). See where it might take you. Good luck.

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Weather, Cutie Marks, and the Everfree Forest - in an Equestria with a Source of Magic · 8:34pm Aug 23rd, 2019

Previously, I have discussed one particular way of merging the idea of a "rational" universe, with Equestria's magic being present. There, I proposed the existence of a construct I have named the Source of Magic - an abstract construct big and powerful enough to be capable of performing feats considered "magical" while doing them only by the means available to everyone through the general laws of

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On the subject of magic in a rational universe · 7:18pm May 12th, 2019

So, I've been reading a lot, and this has been bugging me, quite a bit actually.

How could the concept of "magic" be explained in a universe that is rational? For example, our universe.

Note: for the rest of this posting, unless noted otherwise, the word "magic" will refer to the concept - and observed effects - of effecting control over matter and energy, as seen on the show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".

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