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I am Warhorse! I'm the Red Rider, weilding my sword. And my only purpose, is to cull the herd of humanity.


Only starting at one · 12:59am July 2nd

Hey fellow readers, Warhorse here. Just so you know, no, its not a joke. I made up my mind about this, and I decided to only working on one fanfic from now on. Plus, I grew into a new app on the iPod called A.I. Dungeon, a app that allows you to make your own adventures. Yeah, so sorry that I did this to you guys, but to me it had to be done.:ajsleepy:

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Trouble with image pasting · 11:36pm May 15th

Hello viewers. The main reason I'm posting this is because I forgot what one of the guys had taught me. So, I'm going to need your help so that I learn this. I was starting out one of my newest chapter of Godzilla. But I was getting kinda screwy as I started out. It was perfect, but it lacked the images to make climatic like it does in the begins of movies. And I was trying to post SFM URL images, but could hardly find any.:fluttershysad: So please, anyone who is listening, I need help

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Game crossover story · 2:42am May 30th, 2019

Hey guys, its Warhorse again. This time I thought of something that you may, or may not like. I plan on doing a story involving on of my characters from the past, and he will be the first ever to appear on this website. I will give you guys only one hint though. He is a certain creature that disappeared from the face of the earth. Go ahead and guess, and leave a commit down below what you think. If you get it right I might get to work on it right away, but unlike my previous stories I

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New story about evil, not good · 2:37am Mar 22nd, 2019

I'm now thinking of starting with a new story which about a human that hate equestria, he wants to destroy them. It is how he was transported to there by a gift from the local merchant, but instead of being in the peaceful equestria, he is more in the one where humans are slaves. And because of this he freed himself from captivity, and start his rebellion against the celestial sisters by recruit the locals that hate them more than life itself. I will also give him the abilities of magic

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Story in progress · 4:17am Feb 26th, 2019

Hello those, who don't know me ,but I'm Warhorse. I will create my very first fanfic, so keep in touch ok? And I'm gonna say this out of the ordinary, feel free to dislike all you want, but I'm still going to keep doing my thing, and that's that.

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