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I archive written works from the world of Equis in human formats. I also don’t eat sentients... What?What do you mean why would I make that statement? Why wouldn’t I?

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I'm racist against anything under 60k or so.

Ah, a man after my own heart.

The Thessalonica Legacy is one of a few different Battletech fics...

Oooh battletech. I am not adverse to this, *looks at ongoing game on living room table* not at all.

Anyway I’ll get to those that I haven’t already read. Thanks for the recommendations.

Let me run through my list and see what stands out. I'll be honest, during my earlier years there was a fair amount of mixed content that got elevated to godlike status out of happenstance and nostalgia, and I may or may not like some of those stories. I'll try to keep it filtered to the good stuff though. Also be aware that I ALWAYS sort by Words first, so odds are I've missed some goodies simply because they were too short. I'm racist against anything under 60k or so. And I only searched for completed of partially completed longfics in my favorites folder, so there's probably dozens of dead stories worth hunting down someday.

The Thessalonica Legacy is one of a few different Battletech fics on Fimfiction, and comes highly recommended. Source knowledge might help a little, but isn't essential.

My Life As a Bipedal Quadruped is your classic HiE gone pony. It's cute, and has some decent adventure elements.

Bad Mondays is long, ridiculous, at times hilarious, and difficult to pin down in a description. I would highly recommend this one, even if the first couple of chapters feel a little rough.

Through the Well of Pirene is another HiE adventure, but much more in the vein of fantasy. The beginning is NOT going to be very familiar to the Gen 4 we know and love, but it's a fantastic story once you get your feet under you.

Equestria: 1940 is WW2, but ponies and humans. Georg is one of the best writers one this site, and I cannot stress enough how everything in his library should be required reading. There isn't much HiE, but his slice of life and adventure fics are incredible, along with a litany of romance stories that will make your heart explode.

Mass Effect: Shepard and the Rainbows is a Mass Effect crossover, and incredibly well-done. It's part of a series that should keep you busy for a while.

Mass Effect 2: The Equestrian Equation written by Loyal2Luna is another ME crossover, and a great fic. Its sequel is also a great read, but ever since she disappeared back in 2017 her stories remain unfinished. If you like Doctor Whooves, she's got a couple of great crossovers for that fandom as well.

Article 2 is a Scifi HiE First Contact story, and immensely popular. You've prolly run into this one by now, and if you haven't then you should read it!

A Voice Among Strangers is a language barrier HiE, very much recommended. It lacks the incredibly slow pace of Celestia Sleeps In, so if you enjoy things moving along it should be up your alley. There's also an incomplete retelling that's worth looking at.

Misunderstandings is, I'll confess, somewhat nostalgia-washed. I can't quite recall what it's about, but I remember enjoying it. Hopefully you will as well! The author also has another story, Written in Dust, that I suggest reading as well.

The Piano Man and The Piano Man II: Electric Boogaloo are... eh. I dunno. They're likable enough, but I remember them coming off a bit as pity-fics. Worth reading if you have spare time.

You know 4chan? Yes, that hive of internet scum and villainy where the fandom originated? If you have, then you may be aware of Anon, and second person stories. Fimfiction has, over the years, picked up our fair share of 4channers who brought their stories (since properly reformatted for fimposting) with them. Exchange is one such story, and is widely regarded as the best Anon-fic on both sides of the divide. It's a romance HiE, so that might not be your cup of tea, but it's worth a look if you're interested. The author also has a couple of other decent fics, and his blogs feature some good recommendations for greentext stories and pastebins from /mlp/, including genres such as RGRE.

Mandroid is another user I suspect came from 4chan, or has been heavily inspired by greentext styles, and his fics reflect this in the best possible way. Prose Equus is currently on the short side for my taste, but it's well-written and entertaining. Think Norse mythology. He also has some other stories, but I've yet to read them.

The Ballad of Echo the Diamond Dog is another nostalgia-laced fic that still bears mentioning. HiE, with an obvious transformation. There's a sequel, but the author fucked off and left his account to Handyman, of Bad Mondays fame. Worth a read, though.

Some Other Random Greats:
Days of Wasp and Spider is one of the BEST scifi fics on-site, and is the first of Lunatic Scientist's Soot-Covered World universe. It's followed by two more incredible fics, and follows Celestia and Luna's early days. But Futuristic. Ish. It's hard to summarize.

There's more, but I need to go back and seek them all out. Hope that's a good starter, though.

And of course there's Fallout: Equestria, and its many, many sequels and sidefics, of which, I'd Recommend:

FO:E Project Horizons (this one takes FO:E and cranks it up to eleven. It's a brutal, emotional roller coaster that manages to be darker and bleaker than the original, while keeping the themes that made KKat's story so powerful. Incredible uses of Chekhov's gun and long character arcs. Heavy, long, and highly recommended. Beware of archive panic.)

FO:E Murky Number Seven (also ridiculously long, but constrained in its scope in comparison to the sweeping journeys of most other FO:E fics; if you're a fan of main characters being out of their depth and outgunned, this is your meal. Beware of archive panic part 2)

FO:E Infinite Potential (This one is a bit hard to categorize; at times the main character comes off as a lil Mary Sue-ish, at other times it's attention-grabbing enough that it doesn't really matter. Healer in the Wasteland, with a twist)

FO:E Heroes (New Vegas, but FO:E. Pretty brutal at times, but has a wonderful array of well-written characters and some neat twists, also very guilty of slow-burn character development).

FO:E Pink Eyes (pure, sugarcoated poison that anyone with a heart will HNNNNGG to.)

FO:E Long Haul is a LONG haul, clocking in at just over 1 million words as of last update. Every word of it is worth reading.

FO:E The Chrysalis is a good story, would recommend.

And of course, FO:E Renewal, which is a fantastic story written by a late-comer to the FO:E subfandom. Very different universe than the others, and well-worth a read. Updates pretty regularly as well.

Alternatively, just browse my FO:E fics folder. I haven't read everything in there, yet, though.

I must of been in the wrong mood when I tried reading it the first time. I just read through the first story of Celestial sleeps in and it was pretty good. As for other stories, do you have any good sci-fi ones? Any good HIE is acceptable as well. I’ve only been around this site for about a year and a half so anything older that doesn’t show up on top rated goes under my radar.

Awesome thanks. I’ve read most of those but I’ll need to check out the last two.

I pulled these out of my fav list when I saw you’d asked for recommendations. My favorite story, project sunflower was already mentioned. Most of these are more HIE than first contact.
What I’ve Become - Sci-fi HIE the series gets to first contact but it’s not in the first story.
Voyage’s End - ponies find the Voyager
The Sun and the Rose - HIE in distant past. Only canon character is Celestia
A voice among the strangers- Amazing HIE with no cheats around the language barrier
Misunderstandings - Realistic HIE
Unity - humans and ponies meet in a third world
Negotiations. - based on conversion where the ponies lose
Voidrunner - first contact in Halo verse. Quality isn’t as good as others here but it’s a fun read and a personal fav.
The Unity Pact - realistic progression HIE will lots of people.
First Contact is Magic by Eakin. No link for this sorry.

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