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Im a writer & artist I wrote the ponies royal series 11 books, 11 stories, 7 friends defending equestria from it's many enemies. and editor, artist, & writer for F.E.F.V's as well.


Things change ............ · 11:13pm May 8th, 2023

Earlier this year I was in a relationship, that was really benefiting my stories progress, and then some time after valentines day, or heartland hooves day. we broke up, the problem is that she was my girlfriend and an editor that was free most of the time to edit, she was the driving reason why the stories date was driven up so much from planned. but do to our differences and failing relationship, work didn't get done so now im back to square one.

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Editing takes forever! · 1:14pm Dec 3rd, 2022

Hay there I know it’s been a while. My upcoming story is in editing and we are about 57 pages into about 106 pages we’re working on it as fast as we can, releasing on here late spring early summer. I want to cry with how long this is taking, and in between school and work, and now being in December. The holidays coming, I feel like I failed you all the promise of a story, and I’m sorry. Please find it in your heart to give me a chance again and please read the story, when it’s ready.


my progress has slowed down again with the 2022 fall semester of school. · 5:39pm Sep 14th, 2022

I would like to apologize for my extreme lack of uploads.

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Jack is here !!!! · 4:17pm May 18th, 2022

please read my new story!!

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New story went to be reviewed · 12:39am Apr 27th, 2022

My new story is being reviewed. and ill let you know when it goes live.


Final edit done today, I PROMISE THIS TIME. · 10:43pm Nov 15th, 2021

I have finished my final edit, and im having a beta reader coming in to read it. from fivver.com and after she gives the Ok stay tuned IM looking for December Launch of my first major story, and im hoping to have my other stories ready to go about a year later from then.

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A Thank You to all of my followers for staying with me. · 2:51pm Sep 20th, 2021

Hello there I wanted to thank you all for staying with me, even though I haven't been on here that actively. and if you all stay here I might in a post put a teaser on here and my YouTube channel and twitter as well. ( if I have time to make it or hire someone to do it. )

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Soon · 5:29pm Jul 29th, 2021

Im getting a editor now and I need more time to prepare my story , Thanks for sticking with me through this long hiatus

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Things are coming together · 8:47pm May 10th, 2021

MY main series Book 1 has been scent off to an interrupter and will be done in 5 Days and after that to an editor that I have hired then from there it will go thought one last edit by me and make it's way on to here. I hope that you all understand how important this story is to me. I have been working on this story for over 6 years and im excited to be getting this done!

If anyone cares about my channel on here anymore.

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Im seeking some help to finish my stories · 12:54am Feb 7th, 2021


I made it on nightly round up, and im seeking help to finish my books, if you are interested,

https://youtu.be/dSKE6RjBhMM ( what I need help with )

https://youtu.be/BQXQdxc0HAc ( what will you do helping me. )

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