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A weight has been lifted from my shoulders


This story is a sequel to Please, Starlight, Come Back

Twilight unexpectedly runs into Starlight at the Crystal Empire

Thanks to Peni Parker for helping write this story

EDIT: Featured 3/14! Third story featured, finally!

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This story is a prequel to Romantic Meetings

Life had never been fair to Jake Taylor, not since he lost his parents thanks to his negligence. So, it’s pretty safe to say he wasn’t exactly the most friendly person around.

Unfortunately, a freak accident causes him to wake up in a forest...in another world full of ponies who value friendship. Jake, not being one for friends, magic, or well, ponies, freaks out. Too bad one pony in particular won’t let him leave

Here it is, the long awaited prequel to Romantic Meetings. I hope you all enjoy

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This story is a sequel to Romantic Mischief

A Day in the Life of Jake Taylor! You decide how it goes!

Huge, HUGE thanks to Peni Parker and ThePinkedWonder for helping with this story. And I don’t just mean editing-wise, I mean actually writing two thirds of these

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After Starlight Glimmer was chased away from Our Town, Double Diamond has been in charge...sort of. It's tough. So, when he decides to go on a walk through the mountains, he finds something that he didn't expect to find

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This story is a sequel to Romantic Meetings

Jake Taylor had been living in Equestria for four years with ponies and other creatures...but mostly ponies. Either way, there were no humans. But Jake couldn’t care less. He had two of the most beautiful, most amazing marefriends anyone could ever ask for: Twilight Sparkle and Starlight Glimmer. He doesn’t need humans to be happy.

But one day while in the library, when Jake meets an admittedly attractive unicorn named Sunset Shimmer, who claims to be from another world full of humans, Jake starts to have second thoughts.

So, obviously, this is that story I was thinking of. Unlike Romantic Mischief, this will be exclusive for me and Peni Parker to work on.

Speaking of which, huge shout-out to Peni Parker for inspiring this story with one of your chapters. I’m obviously starting with the same two chapters from Romantic Mischief, but I won’t take those down in case you guys just want a laugh

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This story is a sequel to Romantic Meetings

After Jake, Twilight, and Starlight all got together, they and their friends shared a few...wacky adventures. Here are a few.

Takes place after Romantic Meetings

EDIT: Going on hiatus until Romantic...Other Worlds? is complete

EDIT: It’s back

Quick note to anyone reviewing this: if you review this, please just review the three chapters entitled: Going to the Gala

If you wish to write a chapter, it must be 1,000+ words, first or third person, and having to do with Jake Taylor

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Alternate take on Season 5 premiere:

What if the Main Six followed Starlight into the cave? What if they caught her instead of letting her get away? What if there was also a human living back in Ponyville who had trouble making friends?

Inspired by Slave Starlight by titanictime2

EDIT: Featured 7/26/19 Alright! Two in a row!

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After spending a few years away from Ponyville, Jake returns to visit the first seven friends he had made in Equestria. When he arrives, he finds much has changed, including that Twilight now has a castle and a personal student. After bonding with said student, he also learns of a deep secret of Twilight’s he had never expected.

Thanks to ThePinkedWonder for proofreading this story

EDIT: Featured 7/4/18! Alright, first story featured!

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After Tommy defeated Rito Revolto in Equestria, he returns to Earth with many worries. He needs to know how Rita Repulsa found out about that world. He does some research about Equestria and finds there have been a few instances of a power called “Equestrian Magic” going crazy at some high school called CHS. He takes his leave there and finds an old foe trying to resurrect his mortal enemy so they can conquer Earth and Equestria. It’s up to Tommy to convince a group of teenage girls who have apparently dealt with magic before that they are meant to stop this evil.

This does take place in the same universe as Welcome to the Jungle, but happens simultaneously to Call of the Wild and any other story I do in the future.

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This story is a sequel to Welcome to the Jungle: A Power Rangers Story

When Princess Shayla looks into the sacred pool of the Animarium to a new world, she discovers that an ancient, evil artifact she thought was destroyed has shown up there, along with the three org generals, who willing to do anything to get their claws on it. She must reunite the team to stop them before the monsters become invincible and Equestria is doomed.

This does take place after my other two stories. They’re not required, but I still suggest you check them out.

Also, huge thanks to ThePinkedWonder for proofreading half of these chapters for me. This story wouldn't be half as good if it weren't for you.

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