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whispers: this is just a hello · 10:45am Nov 16th, 2013

Hi! I'm not exactly "back" from my unplanned hiatus, haha, because I'm a fickle person that has no drive or motivation but gets really excited in bursts of inspiration and likes to write a couple thousand words at 3 in the morning. I just figured that you guys might be wondering where I'm at with Thunderstruck and when I plan on updating!

So, short answer: the story is all plotted and I'm writing the next chapter but I don't have a release date, sorry.

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Finally. New Chapter and Some Musings on Pony Addictions · 4:28am Oct 23rd, 2011

First, I just wanted to thank the people who reviewed my story Starstruck. It really, really made me feel good about my writing and helped get this semi-massive next chapter out. I apparently wanted to hit a lot of points in that chapter. That said, anyone following Starstruck may want to know that chapters are uploaded randomly, and their chapter pictures even more randomly, because my internet is wonky.

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On New Chapters and Old · 2:52am Sep 29th, 2011

So, it's come to my notice that I've left Starstruck lying around for a bit, unfinished at chapter 3. So for the two people who have reviewed (even though they were both anonymous and I'm really doubting that there are more than four fans of Soarin' and Braeburn) I just thought I should say that chapter four is in production. It's got more than 2,000 words, so far and not to the point I plan on stopping it. I also just got back into the writing groove and have finally gotten a

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