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The Sarcastic Brit

Was (in)famously known as Greyson. Now I'm just known as an arsehole. Nothing new, to be honest. I'm also the Emperor of the Gambia apparently, so there's that I guess.

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    A Moment To Give, A Moment to Care.

    I don't know the guy personally personally, but he's called me the N-word enough times to warrant a possible romantic interest in the near future. An Intricate Disguise needs your help. Sure, I've got barely any followers, but those of you who do follow me know me from my old account, so at least you're loyal enough to keep my sorry arse in your minds, so I know that at least some of you will read this.

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Quotes About Me

"Quick, Intricate, paint yourself black and beat someone with a stick. It’s the only way to win Greyson’s love." - Comet Burst

"Fuck Greyson man, I know he's lurking right now, watching us, lying about his Fortnite stats." - The bastard himself

"I love you Greyson." - B_25

"Well, the first thing we should do is murder Intricate and pin it on Greyson." TheWraithWriter

"Ah. Yeah I don't got no quotes about you." APumaUnchained

"If I don't see at least one "whom'st've" in that quote box, I'm gonna be disappointed." Some_Leech

"You suck slightly less dick today than you did yesterday." Roselucky Seven

"ur a pretty great dude." - A light amongst the darkness

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When more the king without a crown beeeeeee updated I neeeeed more pls

Greysons writing schedule is like a good Communist...


I'll just keep deleting your comments for the sheer comedic value.

Sue me.

Comment posted by CosmosGalen deleted March 9th

OI, Greyson/Sarcastic Brit. Gimme a Retarded quote. Plzz bb k bye.

Comment posted by CosmosGalen deleted February 12th
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