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a changeling writer who also works on fanfiction.net and AO3. heard about this site and decided to join, whats the worst that could happen?


Welp, the raids tomorrow. · 2:18pm September 19th

That's right people, The Area Fifty-One Raid is tomorrow, so grab your flamethrowers and stock up on monster energy, because tomorrow will redefine history(or nothing will happen at all) We will either have aliens and alien technology within our grasps!:pinkiecrazy: or two depressing days in September. and if you're like me, just sitten on a cloud with some soda and popcorn watching the carnage... congrats you're not a buzzkill, but you still have a brain!:twilightsmile: Good luck to our

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Sup I'm Back. · 5:33pm September 5th

Ink is back in the game everypony! with the help of My awesome editor, Shadic Midnight Blitzer, We are completely rewriting Viva La lunar so it has a better, more sound plot, don't worry we are keeping it mostly the same. more fanfics will be on the way as I produce them, Oh, and now I have a youtube channel so go check that out!:coolphoto:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBFvYNcN9IUOnVPlrxJe35A

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It My B-Day! · 12:04pm May 3rd

Oh-Yeah, another year closer to death!

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Happy easter! · 4:29pm April 21st

Now everyone, remember to put Angle in an adorable costume against his will and hide colored eggs everywhere!

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Happy hearts and hooves day! · 4:28pm February 14th

well, I hope you guys are having a good holiday, and are spending time with your special someponies!

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