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Just another pony who works with his hooves, never stops learning, and enjoys hanging out with the herd in the paddock.


Hey Everypony, Try your hoof at writing · 3:39am July 14th

Hey Everypony, Doomande and some of the others have decided to try to get another round of FoE: ABC, this time it is Enclave themed. This is to be for fun and it has been long time since a group project happened last time. They are having trouble getting enough writers for it so far. I am in, but would really appreciate it if some you others out there who would like to try your hoof at writing, here is a good chance to try your hoof at it.

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Strange Coincidences and Events · 2:26am June 9th

Sometimes when we read a story we will say to ourselves, "How could that have happened, what are the chances that those characters could know each other." Well, I would like to share a situation I had recently that brought such chance encounters home to me. Just over two weeks ago I went in for knee surgery. As the preop/postop nurse was getting me ready we were talking and discovered that we had served together at RTC Great Lakes as staff back in the mid-1990s. This is the same hospital that

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Possible delays · 5:17pm May 21st

I just wanted to let everypony know there may be a possible delay in my posting the next couple of chapters due to my going in for a knee replacement today. But it also may mean I can write more while I recover.

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Ciderfest 2019 · 9:02pm Oct 27th, 2019

Next weekend I will be attending Ciderfest in Milwaukee Wisconsin. I am truly looking forward to this as it will be first non-history related con in over fifteen years. If you are there and you see me with the Trooper nametag and want to talk about the my stories, ponies in general, or just to chat and enjoy a good cup of tea or cider, please feel free to stop me and let me know.

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