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Cute puppies! Yay!!!!! · 2:04am Tuesday

Arnt they cute?!

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Scare challenge 2 sentence horror post four. · 2:56am November 8th

My brother woke me up because our mother and stepfather were fighting again.
He was killed last time those two fought.

I sat quietly in the woods.
Still trying to get these handcuffs off.

My cat woke me up early this morning.
Ill have to bury him deeper next time.

My boyfriend texted me "wish you were here."
He commuted suicide last year.

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Update for razors edge · 5:00am October 26th

If anybody noticed I deleted the story and a few others. Only because I am completely remaking all of them. Razor edge is no longer going to be an adventure sci-fi story. After talking with another author on site and reading a few reviews. I've decided to turn it into a slice of life story. Razor will still be making swords but he will also be making other metal works. And, fair warning there will be offensive chapters too many in the story cause there will be bullying, thoughts of suicide/

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Quality not quantity · 11:57pm August 21st

I was something asked today.

Something that all of us seem to have forgotten.

The question"why do I have only three friends?"

Here is what I had to say.

Quality not quantity I formed bonds with these men.

Like real brothers we've gone through many different hells.

Don't need help cause we got each others back.

You threaten us fair warning you're facing a pack.

Were not violent people; but when needed were demons.

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Hints · 3:38am July 4th

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End of a story · 3:44am June 14th

I'm not like everybody.

To me that makes me feel good.

I mean how would you feel if you were just like everyone else.

You didn't stand out.

You were like them in every possible way.

Lets say you were like them all the way to your blood.

Now to me that's crazy.

Well insane is more like it.

Who dosent want to be different.

I mean everyone should stand out.

In sorry if I'm rambling.

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Song for a future fluttercord project · 5:17am June 13th

You're never there for me!

I'll always love you baby.

Me and you are through.

I can't live without you.

I don't ever want to see you again.

You're my man.

I hate you!

I love you, you know I do.

All these thoughts and memories burned into my brain.

Fights, love, heartbreak, and lovemake.

I feel like a dog on a chain.

Yelled at for not even making a mistake.

I that you were an angel at first.

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Well....... · 4:47am June 12th

I somehow broke one of my friends today........yep,...........I broke him.

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Okay! · 1:49am May 6th

As you all noticed I posted two stories one another shipfic featuring rainbow dash discord and fluttershy. The other a crossover that has spike. Living with both Joe baker and zoe baker. As their adopted family member spike baker. Now as I said in the notes. I'm not sure which one to continue. So I need help. Please read both stories.

Shipfic:we don't want to lose you.

And tell me which one you would like to see continued. Please.

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He read my mind · 4:17pm April 20th

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