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Merchant Mariner

Lover of the sea and proud seafarer. Focuses on non-pony creatures.


Chart a course around that plot hole - useful tools for tales of the sea. · 6:07pm January 10th

Greetings folks,

Thought I would share another of the 'tools' I use to accurately set up my stories, this time I'm talking about charting tools. Googles maps and satellite views are good for setting up your story ashore, but it gives very little detail when you distance yourself from the shore.

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What I use to compare species in my stories. · 6:52am Dec 29th, 2018

Hi there folks,

I decided to share the spreadsheet I use when writing my story. It's a neat tool I think, just a table with relatives values and simple explanations to compare species in terms of mass, size, strength, what they can do... That kind of things.

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