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To those who are waiting for a new Blue Skies chapter- here's this · 4:26am Jun 22nd, 2013

This is some stuff I started on like two months ago- but as soon as I started writing, my fingers kept getting slower as I came to the realization.
'Holy shit this sucks.'

I was going to start again later, but I got sidetracked by other writing stuff- so here's the rejected beginning of the next chapter.

I've decided to take a new direction on Blue- hope I can get to writing soon.

Here you go c:

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Just going to put this here for some new people following me + other stuffs · 3:10pm Jun 14th, 2013

If anyone wants to chat/Writing help or advice stuff/play stuff
Skype: Wintertwister
Steam: JollyXercis
XBL: JollyXercis

You can even tell me to stop being lame and write if you want to :pinkiesmile:

Purple Skies is about to reach 50k views, I'm thinking of doing a small contest/giveaway thing. Give out some copies of Psychonauts or xbl-psn card thingies to show my gratitude.

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Okay, that was settled. · 12:29pm Jun 13th, 2013

They added a few more hoodies in my size, and I got up early as I could to try and get a credit card- luckily my dad had enough money.

So I finally ordered the hoodie- I've been sweating over, physically and mentally.
Thing is, I never get this lucky and it's hard to believe it. And so I won't until my hoodie is in my hands, but if it's true I'm going to sweat my ass off and stop drinking so much soda and energy drinks.

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Why the fuck do I live here? · 12:14am Jun 1st, 2013

Our Capitol was hit insanely hard last week, you might have seen it on the news. And now there's another monster tornado heading for the same area, minutes away at this second.

Waffles asked me why people lived here- I have no clue
This is getting ridiculous, as soon as I'm done with all my school, I'm moving out west to California where I was born, preferably is a good neighborhood.
Sure we get earthquakes there sometimes, but this tornado stuff is getting old quick

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Equestria Girls · 10:29am May 15th, 2013

Everyone and their grandma is showing their reaction to this, might as well pitch in.

I'm perfectly fine with the character designs, but why could they have not at least made them variations of white, black, and other skin colors instead of their coat colors? ;-;

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Well that backfired. · 12:55pm Feb 19th, 2013

Mixed feelings.
I guess I'll just be the soulless writer you guys wish you were following.
I'll write silently, you guys read and then leave.
Good deal.
Expect the story 'Morello' up on Fimfiction by next month.

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I finally started writing again, so here's this- · 6:51am Feb 18th, 2013

It's not much, but I decided to make this a bit fun. Instead of just writing a story, you guys can alter it. Won't that just be a bundle'o fun? :D
At the end you'll find something neat
I really feel like writing now, so pick one so I can continue :pinkiesmile:
Ponyville- funny, fun and maybe short
Dodge City- possibly funny, a bit longer, adventure

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Happy V-Day, what's everyone up to? · 2:12am Feb 15th, 2013

I'm playing Super Mario World on my snes.
I don't
what the fuck
Fucking third bosses castle
I hate my life.

I was just chilling out and enjoying the classics, and that fucking level happened. So much epic rage, wish I had a camera to see my own reactions.

I'm just going to chat with a friend for the rest of the night.

^The one hugging my OC in this picture.

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Happy early Valentines day everyone :D · 11:14pm Feb 13th, 2013

^Me and a friend
Hope you all have fun- and remember, Valentines day is a day about love
Love is intimate, and that means that it's just with anyone you love in any way.
Brothers, sisters, parents, friends, and even lovers.
I know I'm going to have a good V-day, I hope you guys do to :pinkiesmile:

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(Last worthless blog I swear...for awhile) The Why, How, and Huh? (SCIENCE!!) · 3:37pm Jan 31st, 2013

This is something I did after watching a video of pony race genetics, it was for fun, I had fun trying to sound intelligent when I'm really a dummy.
So here's this, scientific(?) reasons for colorful talking horses.


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