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Sorry. · 8:04am Aug 10th, 2019


I have decided to put Tic Tac on hiatus because I realized I have made the mistake many new authors make; my first story (Tic Tac) I'm writing is an 'Epic' so to say. What is an 'Epic' you ask? I don't know the actual definition, don't sue me. From what I've gathered an 'Epic' is a large story focused on adventure and generally 'Epic' stuff and that the MC is really powerful. I know it's a bad definition but too bad I'm not that knowledgeable.

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Happy birthday to me, yay.... · 11:45pm Apr 12th, 2019

Sorry for the hiatus!
I've finished a chapter for a second story ;) And I'll finish another Tic Tac chapter for tomarrow or the day after.
And I'll try as hard as I can to update both stories every other week. (It'll likely be every other week for Tic Tac because that's my main priority, while the other will be once a month.) So you'll get some horrible great fic updates frommore.!

Also it's my birthday!
Happy birthday yay.

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The New Arena (Little extra on Story Idea#2) · 9:31am Dec 28th, 2018

This story is a Mario crossover
I already made a blog post about this but I wanted to flesh it out a little more.

The story stars three of Bowser's troops:

Silver: The Goomba General who has been trying to overthrow Bowser for years but never got the chance.
Koopta: A rookie Koopa Troopa in Bowser's army, he wants to serve Bowser for as long as he lives.
Steve: Steve is a Hammer Bro who doesn't care about Bowser and just wants to mess around.

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Story ideas #3 · 6:32am Dec 27th, 2018

Hello everypony your least favorite writer is back! Today I have another story idea and although its odd I kinda like it.

Rating = E - T I'm not sure.
Length = relatively short = 30kish.
Tags = Romance, Comedy, Random.
Characthers = Trixie, Changelings, OC, other.

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Story Ideas #2 · 6:33am Dec 24th, 2018

Idk why but I'm just going to keep posting a bunch of my story ideas here for a bit. Anyway today I have a weird yet wonderful story Idea...

Tags: Crossover, ???, ????????
The new Arena.

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Story Ideas. · 3:27am Dec 13th, 2018

Hey Everypony, I'm creating a fic soon! I'm saving my main two ideas for later fics aka when I'm decent at writing.

My fic will be about two brothers one a Changeling in disguise and the other a normal unicorn joining the guard.


(I'm writing a one off soon and need ideas... The next fic after will be a 'Super' amazing fic it might not feel 'Natural' at first but I hope you will enjoy it ;)

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