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Equestrian patriot and devoted follower of the God-Empresses of Ponykind. The fanfics I write, follow or favourite may show that. I also make SFM artworks on Derpibooru with the name FanaticHeretic7.

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What better way for the Princess of the Night to relax before bed than by having a calm flight within the Equestrian night sky she embodies.

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Dusk Spectre's veteran experience as a Lunar Legionnaire can only go so far to prepare him for when a routine patrol through the Everfree Forest goes badly wrong, and an ensuing fight for survival becomes the situation for him and his squad.

Now surrounded by unholy magical monsters craving for the taste of Ponies, will their skill and resolve be enough for them to escape to safety? Or will the God-Empress' protection abandon them, their enemies too strong and numerous, condemning them to die standing as soldiers?

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