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Legendary Grows · 7:42pm Dec 2nd, 2020

I am taking a risk adding a story that isn't finished to my Legendary bookshelf but I never said Complete was a criteria, and I often believe the journey is more important than the destination, so here we go...

The Ties That Bind by TwistedPretzel

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Writing · 8:21pm May 15th, 2020

I am not a writer.

I mean obviously I write some things. There is this blog post, other blog posts, being a human that lives in a society. Everyone has to write something sometimes. However I recognize that I could not, should not, ever write a story for this site. This is not a skill I have.

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Legendary · 5:33am Sep 26th, 2019

For a while my favorites bookshelf had been bothering me. There were two stories that didn't really belong there. I felt compelled to favorite them because they were so well written, and I enjoyed them tremendously, but they didn't really fit the way I use that bookshelf. I add stories to favorites when there is something about them that makes me want to revisit them frequently. It isn't really a best stories section for me.

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Self Insertion · 12:11am Apr 9th, 2019

Up until recently I was ignoring anon and human stories. My reasoning was they were most likely lazy, or at least very awkward, self insertion stories. So I just filtered them out of my searches.

Then my absolute favorite story on the site was Anthro. Then I found some people use the human tag when they mean anthro and so I stopped filtering it out. Then I saw the insanely high up votes human oc stories were getting.

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FlutterMac is my new obsession! · 5:05am Mar 12th, 2019

FlutterMac is my new obsession! How did this happen??? NOOOOOO! :yay: :eeyup:

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Grammar/Spellcheck Comments · 9:13pm Jan 25th, 2019

Hey you!

I see you writing a comment in response to a story with all the grammar and spelling issues you've found.

Nobody thinks you are smart or clever when you do this publicly. Click the author's name. On their page is going to be an icon that looks like a letter with the word Mail under it. Click that Mail icon and let them know the story, chapter, and what you've found. If you can do that then you are actually helping.

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FIMFiction isn't cannon. · 10:51pm Nov 17th, 2018

Welcome to FIMFiction where the stories are made up and the cannon doesn't matter!

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