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They always say that there is only a thin line between love and hate but is that true? After Rainbow Dash’s coltfriend left her she becomes more and more depressed and testy. To forget about her broken heart she visits a bar outside of Ponyville where she meets the Pegasus pony Coconut. Although it's hate at first sight they are meeting each other on the following night in the bar…

pic by http://zirbronium.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d4j5rsx

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This is another short story I wrote some month ago. After some comments at deviantArt and equestriadaily I planned more chapters (one story for all mane ponies, Luna, Spike and even Gilda) but for now this story is cancelled.
Maybe I'll work one it once I finished the first book of my main fanfic

Just like "Pinkie and Twilight" this story hadn't been pre-read and I haven't worked on it since I sent it to equestriadaily

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This is just a short story I had written some months ago.
It isn't pre-read and I haven't work on it since I had sent it to equestriadaily.

I hope you like this story nevertheless;-)

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During a storm Rainbow Dash hurt herself and crashed into the Everfree Forest. When she woke up she found herself in a cave where she met a pony named Shiron. Who is this pony and why does he live alone in a cave in the Everfree Forest? Moreover is he a friend or an enemy?
A new adventure for Rainbow Dash and her friends begin that will change their lives forever.

edit: This story will take part between season 2 and before the end season 3. That means things like the cutie mark of the CMC, the return Gilda, alicorn Twilight or anything after season 3 will not happen or will be different

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