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Plans & Everything Else That I Am/Will Be Doing Once My Life Stops Getting In The Way

Stuff I am Editing/have Edited:
The Night's Veil by Perrohambre [co-edited with masterjedi]
Ties That Bind by Philosopher01
To Hell and Back by CanterlotGuardian
Retrospect by Larathin Bradley [This story has not been published yet]
Happy Hearth’s Warming Eve, Squirt by nygiants93
Fireflies by Jet Howitzer
Technicolor Love by PinkiePiePlease

Music Diversity (Multi-OC Pony in Equestria story)
Island of Varinta (Mane 6 and CMC take a vacation)

Stories continuing from RandomExpert781:
ELA: The Equestrian Longball Association [Credit to DaBeejees for all the work on uniforms, rosters, etc.]
The Insecurity [Military-based action story]
• Sequel to Here In My Room by Crash Jet [Still need confirmation that I can go ahead with that]

• All I'm gonna say is that it has to do with sparkfyre's Sun and Stars.
• A Shipped version of this.
this (AppleDash).

The Artifact (Originally written by primalcorn1; taken over by me when I get the chance)

Those Ideas That Have Something To Do With Music Diversity That I'm Not Gonna Say What They're For:
"Catch You" by PinkiePie35 + Cover Pic by KnifeH

Stupid outside life . . . getting in the way of my MLP life.

Favorites from deviantART

Latest Stories

  • EA Wing Over Her Head
    A young Spitfire sits alone on a rainy day in Manehattan Park. Everything seemed to fall apart in the span of a day. But one stallion who has a connection with her not-so-distant past is willing to listen and keep a wing over her head . . .
    DJ_G · 1.7k words  ·  26  0 · 843 views

Personal Quotes

All these are quotes I have made myself.




Boundries are limitless and imaginary. The only ones we have set are ones others have imposed on us.

There are two sides to almost every argument. That doesn't mean we have to pick a side. It's a thing called observation.

History is unfair in hindsight.

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Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Do you know how to contact Silent Bob?

There are two sides to almost every argument. That doesn't mean we have to pick a side. It's a thing called observation.

Yep, this is my new favorite quote.

Why thank you, good person. :pinkiehappy:


I don't believe I did :twilightblush:

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