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A Bat Pony Headcanon · 8:33pm Feb 20th, 2015

Not a story, I apologize, but I feel it would be nice to type up my own little headcanon for bat ponies finally. This will go into full details about how I look at them as well as how they'll work in my own stories. You may accept this headcanon, ignore it, or hate it as you please. I won't go into much about their physical appearance, as I've already have both a video and a picture that explains their physical appearance, as well as why they are different from vampires/flutterbat creations.

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1053978 Well then.

Hi, I like muffins! Do you like them too? :derpytongue2:

Anyway, Happy Random Follow Day!! (Yay!!) Feel free to return it (Or not...)

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