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A tornado flew around my room before you came in...

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Hello You Sugar Cookies and Amazing Ponies

My name is Sundown Silhouette or Battarose.
I'm an awkward pony fan who loves Hamilton. Whatever I've been an MLP: FIM fan ever since the show came out {I LoVe CoLlOrFuLl HoRsEs!!} Imma so weird. I honestly don't like when people judge my grammar so please don't....judge please. Me don't like it. Make me sad :(

I'm a depressed soul that needs care

My OC is a Bat Pony with a broken horn. R.I.P
She is the princess of shipping, awkwardness, cookies, and nature. She lives in a small house in the Crystal Empire.

~Mini Mint Cookies from Costco
~Cats or any animal
~Bob Ross
~The color cyan
~Baldi's Basics in Education and Learning

~Doors (It's a long story )
~Loud Sounds

Favorite Mlp unicorns:


Favorite earth ponies:

~Pinkie Pie
~Maud Pie

Favorite Peguses:


Favorite Alicorns:


So yeah uh bye...

Art By: Sosonic


Coco Takes Story Requests! (Oh Crip) · 6:44pm January 2nd

Hello everyone! It's Coco and I'm just here to say that I'm taking story requests! YAY?:heart:
Note: These are gonna be short story requests...so yeah.
This is what you gotta do:

  • Mail Me About What The Story Is About.
  • Yes, it can be any kind of story, but I'm not gonna do gore, sex, Mature, and etc.
  • The story can be random, comedy, romantic, etc.

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For some odd reason...I'm afraid of open doors at night. So, i just keep the door closed, Im worried that something might pop up and jump scare me. Wow, I'm a odd human...

Deep #23 · 1 week ago · · ·

So if you're afraid of doors do you never leave your room haha? Is it all doors or just a certain type?

Thanks for the fave!

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