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I'm an American author who doesn't care what people think about what I write.

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It's been many a year since Twilight took the throne of Equestria, and even though she's retired and is living happily in Silver Shoals, Celestia can't shake the feeling that something is off. That something is missing from her life. Facing conflicted feelings, she travels back to Canterlot to see how her former student is doing ruling Equestria in her and Luna's stead.

Little does she realize that this visit will be one that leads to much change in both her life, and that of Twilight Sparkle.

My entry in the The Twelfth Bimonthly Twilestia Contest

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Sunset Shimmer returned to Equestria a long time ago, and forgiven by Princess Celestia, she has been living peacefully for these last few months.

But her peace is shattered when on a trip to look into a magical disturbance, she falls into an underground cave and discovers a hammer with its head half buried in a rock. What happens next changes her entire life, and will affect the entire universe.

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For a long time, Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle, and Trixie Lulamoon have been friends, living in Equestria under Princess Celestia's rule. However, one fateful night, their world is turned upside down, and they discover the truth.

Celestia has become obsessed with keeping her power over Equestria, being a dictator in secret that eliminates all threats to her power. However, before the three can be captured by Celestia's forces, they are saved by an Ice Mage from a resistance group that stands against Celestia.

Twilight, Trixie, and Sunset are some of the most powerful unicorns alive. Will their magic and friendship be enough to stand in the way of Celestia's want for domination? Or will they just become another lost cause?

Fan Discord: https://discord.gg/PVjy4T2

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Ever since she got her wings, Twilight Sparkle has been struggling with her feelings towards Princess Celestia; sure, she was Celestia's former pupil and is now a princess alongside her, but Twilight has more than just the normal feelings of friendship towards the Solar Ruler. With old and new foes coming onto the stage, will the Princess of Friendship finally be able to confess her true feelings to the Princess of the Sun? But even more importantly: Will Celestia feel the same way towards Twilight?

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