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An Idea. · 6:14am March 1st

Hello to anyone that cares to take notice of this,

I have a new story idea that I want some feedback on (mainly if you think its a good concept should I decide to write it).

Basically: Equestria is contacted by an alien race, and scrambles to organize for their first face-to-face conversation with alien diplomats when they land in Canterlot. However, when the "aliens" come down in their landing shuttles and disembark, Princess Celestia and the Mane Six see some very familiar faces.

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The Twilight Sparkle Show's Rewrite · 9:44pm January 7th

Okay, so anyone reading this post probably has read my biggest work: The Twilight Sparkle Show.

So... about that.

I'm the biggest idiot there ever was.

I, being a first time, amateur, untrained writer, did not plan The Show's plot at all. I never expected it to be so successful, so I didn't take it very seriously.

And I know, that's not very good of me, I should treat every story I author like one of my children. I know. I know. I know.


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