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They say you never forget your first time.
In this collection of short stories, "hosted" by Princess Cadance, you'll read about how a number of ponies--some familiar, some less so--experienced their first time. Heartwarming, deeply personal moments captured for history and presented here to make you smile.

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Lyra and Bon Bon are so excited to begin their married life together. In the time between a proposal and a wedding, there's so much preparation to do, but despite all the work, the two sweethearts are determined to not let it interrupt the time they spend together. Deciding to try something new, they attend a session of Ponyville's new musical workout gym... and quickly realize just how out of shape they are.

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Reentering the dating scene was a hard choice for Whirlwind's mom. Ever since her dad had died, she wasn't sure if getting involved with somepony else was the right thing to do. But, with her daughter's encouragement, she put herself back out there and found somepony she really cares about. Now, she's ready to introduce Whirly to her, but there's one thing her daughter doesn't know...

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Songbird Serenade loves what she does, but admittedly, being in the public eye involves a lot of rules and regulations: what she can do, what she can say, how she must maintain her image. She understands it's all a necessary part of her career, but fortunately, she does get one respite from it all: the afterparty, which she pays for and hosts herself. There, she can truly feel free as a bird.

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"I mean, we've definitely become good friends over the past several weeks, and I admire his intelligence and his commitment to education, but... am I really falling in love? He's a good ten years younger than me, not to mention how far apart we live. This feels so inappropriate... and yet also, so right. I think about his smile, his voice, his eyes, every day. I know once he leaves I'll just be left hurting, but... if I don't let him know, it will hurt me even more."
--Cheerilee's Diary

Written for the May Pairings 2021 Contest, my first attempt at writing for such an event!
Sex tag is for innuendo and discussions of attraction, intimate feelings, and a hot make-out session.

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Colette and Brightshine work together at a big faceless company in Manehattan. They're the only friends either of them have in the big city. After a stressful week, they go out drinking one night, and Brightshine takes Colette back to her apartment, and in doing so, addresses feelings she could never let her friend know about.

A short little story with some characters I created to try and ease myself back into writing pony. Hope you like it. :heart:

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A fanmade work of a fanmade work. Takes place during the events of Snake Staff's Empire and Rebellion.

After the Clone Wars ravaged Equestria, the pony planet became known to the wider galaxy. Many brave equines raced offworld to explore new horizons and forge their destinies. And one particular unicorn saw a chance to forge a destiny of her own...

Having abandoned the servitude of the Storm King, Tempest Shadow has managed to work her way into the Outer Rim of the galaxy, and has found a place to belong; a place where she is no longer a misfit, a place where her warrior's way is valued above all else.

The ranks of the Mandalorians.

Now, after much training, she is finally ready to receive her armor and take her place in the rogue's gallery of galactic bounty hunters.

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A spinoff of past events mentioned in Chapter 3 of Derpy's Hearts and Hooves Day.

It's been a year since Vinyl steeled her nerves and asked Octavia out on their first date. Things have been going great ever since, and they think it might be time to advance to the next stage of the relationship: intimacy.

Thing is, neither of them really know how to do that.

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Death. For some, it is a blessing after ravaging disease or a life well lived. For others, it is an inevitability to be feared above anything else. Everyone wonders what happens after you meet the Reaper, but no one knows for sure.

Death. It comes just as surely to ponies as it does to any other creature. A part of life as natural as birth.

However, the Death that comes to ponies is more like a pony than you would expect.

In Equestria, Death has a Cutie Mark.

And with Cutie Marks come Cutie Mark Problems.

So what happens when the Reaper of Souls, the Pale Horse himself, loses touch with his purpose in life---er, death?

He seeks out the three fillies most suited for the job in all of Equestria.

Surely, if the Cutie Mark Crusaders can help so many other ponies with their problems, then they can help Death in Pony Form?

Alternatively titled The Grim Adventures of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

Cover art furnished by myself. I used a template for the general body plan, but I couldn't make out the signature to tell who created it. If you recognize it as yours, though, I'll credit you.

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This story is a sequel to Derpy's Hearth's Warming Eve

Though she enjoys the annual New Year's Eve party in Ponyville, Derpy decides to slip away for some peace and quiet, collecting her thoughts while looking forward to a new beginning.

Set after the Hearth's Warming depicted in S8E15 "The Hearth's Warming Club."
The second in a series of one-offs exploring the world through the crossed eyes of Best Pony. Enjoy! :derpytongue2:

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