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A rather mysterious one, aren't I? Hopefully you enjoy the stories I write! I promise I'm not somepony else in disguise.

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Rainbow Dash is confronted by the cold hard reality of... infertility. The exact cause she doesn't care about, it doesn't matter because nothing can fix it anyway. There's no medicine, no magic from Twilight nor Celestia or even Discord, nor any potion from Zecora, that can fix it. She has to deal with being broken permanently, in the one way she never expected to matter to her.

The news shocks her, of course, since she's virtually unblemished in every other way. But it's not like she was planning on having foals anyway... right?

Sometimes I like to exercise my characterization knowledge and skills by putting characters into random situations and ask myself how they'd react. Usually it doesn't lead anywhere, but occasionally something sparks and boom, story! Partially inspired by my own experiences. Not normally something I'd write about, but I guess RD's confidence is getting to my head :rainbowdetermined2:

Also my first story here, so let me know what you think! If people like it well enough I'll definitely consider writing more on this. I have a few ideas on where to go from here, but I'm unsure if others enjoy the premise. I'd especially appreciate feedback on my characterization of RD, because that was the original point of all this!

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