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I can’t be phased. I’ve seen and taken part in the conversations in discord. I post stupid stuff on YouTube. My Channel

What I Was Gonna Put In My Bio But Didn’t Because Reasons

Sometimes I go back and look at my old fanfics that I’ve posted and think that I’m horrible at writing and deserve no place on a website like this. Then I see how much support you all have given me even when I posted something I never will think is good enough. Ambition I guess? Nothing that I write will ever be good enough in my eyes, but you have your own eyes. Not my choice how you use them. And auto-correct can die in a fire.

Thank you.

— Some slightly depressed 14 year old on the internet:derpytongue2:

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  • 42 weeks
    I’ve immortalized staff.

    This took way to long to make.

    But hey it was kinda mad worth it.

    If you didn’t know All of these people (except for me) are staff on the Discord.

    (I also pinged knighty by accident)

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  • 44 weeks

    So I’m happy for one reason and one reason only.

    Yesterday was mah Birthday! But now I feel old, like, REALLY old. So I’m trying to not sound super depressed and dead around family when I talk to them because they always notice and my parents will look straight at me and ask me if I have depression. Like any civilized teenager I laughed my head off for the next 5 minutes before realizing they were serious.

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  • 46 weeks
    Doing Something By Doing Nothing

    I have a YouTube channel now.

    I officially have no life but I would appreciate it a lot if you guys would go Subscribe I upload a lot of just seriously stupid videos and I might upload one today. Here’s the link;


    Subscribe if u want! :derpytongue2:

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  • 46 weeks
    Crazy Things

    A lot of cool things have happened recently. I no longer have walking pneumonia and I finished my Christ,as special better late than never.

    My top rated story, Not My Head, My Heart has broken 300 views and Pieces finally reached over 100.

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  • 49 weeks
    Fudge Doctors

    Ok that’s it I don’t care what they say about me being sick and migraines and “oh you shouldn’t be on that” and “it’ll make your condition worse” well guess what because of them I F****** missed the deadline I had for myself on 2 stories! So today I hunker down with the 4 hours of sleep I have and I’m getting s*** DONE today.

    Happy 2019 to whoever is still sane.

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I’ve immortalized staff. · 11:26pm February 21st

This took way to long to make.

But hey it was kinda mad worth it.

If you didn’t know All of these people (except for me) are staff on the Discord.

(I also pinged knighty by accident)

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