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A British person who makes fanfictions. Also made an OC.

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The Siberian Wasteland, the cargo ship that laid there. Zombies roamed this Group 935 research facility, a zombie legend wandered it not too long ago. However, Victis were there to retrieve the Apothicon Blood in order to fix this paradox.

In their mission, they sent a hermit; Pablo Marinus, to "The Great War". This hermit went on to save the universe. With him gone and the Apothicon Blood in hand, they could finally collapse the Aether. Victis waited, fighting off the horde; their hope for survival dwindlng. Then black.

Instead of the frozen, white expanse. They lay in a field full of daffodils, now with no objective and Richtofen absent. The crew has no more directions...

This is a story of the Call of Duty : Zombies crew Victis. There will be things relating to the lore but I will try to explain it along the way. Violence can be skipped, it is not an integral part of the story.

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