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“With big power, comes big responsibility.” Spock from Doctor Who


This story is a sequel to MLP but Pinkie Pie makes a molten chocolate lava cake

Starlight, Twilight and Pinkie were just hanging out. Until, a spell goes wrong and all hell breaks loose. Yeet

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This story is a sequel to The Man of The Shadows

Cyrus Miller has a perfectly not normal life. He's a teenager with supernatural powers, is a superhero, and has to pretend when talking to the Pony of Shadows that he isn't insane. Well, things are going to get weirder.
When on a trip to Stonehenge he finds a tower that sends him on a journey to a land of..... talking ponies? Where, the sentient being he has to share a body with is wanted dead, and only one trusts him. Starlight Glimmer.
And the centre of this chaos, a sadistic bipedal man who has a grudge against the one most look up to, and attempts to change the very idea of warfare with a serum and bioweapon that will wipe out everyone in Equestria.
Perfectly normal.

Hopefully I can get this going, until then here this uncompleted story is here.

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Cyrus Miller is a 17 year old Military trainee for The Dawn Magic Control Program. He was dropped off of his team for being to weak.
However, after a rift from another world sent a occupied by the Pony of Shadows arrives at Canterlot High, he gets bonded to the darkness.
Will he use his power to help people?
Or will he use it for Fame and Fortune?

No sequels.

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