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Very social, energetic, and loyal. I do advice and story request. I love feedback. Best ponies are pinkie pie, applejack, and fluttershy. best princess is princess luna. Best villian is discord

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Discord is a vampire, with his eye set on Fluttershy. he wants her for his bride. The Grand Galloping Gala seems like a good place to start. Discordula infects rarity, derpy, and even Princess Celestia. From here fluttershy will have to be the strong one. Will she live happily ever after, or will it be love at first bite?

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ever wondered what happened to identity, chaotic, rainbow heart, and caramel? this is my version of what became of them and more into there story. King Sombra's daughter Shadow, is locked away in the Canterlot dungeon by princess luna/mom. Identity can't decide on on either Caramel or DJ. Smbra kidnaps a bunch of ponies. To find out how this all fits together, please read.

Chapters (5)
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