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Is life but a dream, or a nightmare from which we can not wake?

These are my favorite Mane 6 ships. deal with it

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A fantastic poem from a friend of mine

Raining Stars


Phoebe C. Moonchild

I wander along a random path
With tall trees on either side.
A forest covered in sprouts of grass,
Bathing in the gentle night.

Neither cold, nor warm,
Just in between.
Neither shape, nor form
Of creature is seen

All is silent, save for my footsteps,
A feature of the night I love.
A spark of light peaks my interest,
And my gaze drifts up above.

A shooting star, how rare a thing to see,
To come across my vision!
I close my eyes and dig down deep
And it grants me my wishin’

I look once more upon the night sky,
And stare with raw astonishment.
With my own two eyes, I cannot deny
Such an impossible accomplishment.

The night above me cries her tears,
So happy to bring me joy.
I set aside my doubts and fears,
For it be best that I enjoy.

Her stars, they fall upon the earth.
I can’t help but be mesmerized.
A beautiful sight, so bright it hurts.
For now I am paralyzed.

Soon after I’m broken from my daze,
I head to the ocean with glee.
The stars of the night set the water ablaze
And I float about without worry.

Granted an endless view of the painted sky
From a star I wished upon,
I enjoy it while I still have time,
For soon, it will be gone.


be aware of bullying · 3:41am June 17th

check out this blog and understand just 1 persons experience of bullying.


i have gone through bullying myself,since 1st grade, as well as 8 yrs without a friend.
i want to promote awareness, and stop the bullying. it can kill. so if you see something, say something. i will be posting a later blog on this subject

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please finish your stories (reposted and updated. · 9:45pm June 17th

recently, I've been experiencing this. I've reposted this hoping others will get my very needed message, and take it to heart

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Thanks for the adds. Hope you enjoy them.

Hope your day has been going well. :twilightsmile:

Thanks for following me.

Thanks for adding my story to your reading list. Hope it leaves a good impression... and not in your wall when you huck it. :rainbowlaugh:

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