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“In normal times, evil would have been fought by good. But in times like these, it should be fought with a different kind of evil.” A new player enters the fray, and the war for Equestria has begun.

In an alternate, semi-futuristic, crystalpunk Equestria, the Six Imperial Families have ruled the land by proxy, dividing society by stature and establishing their dominion over the crown with their immense wealth and influence. The most powerful of them all, is the infamous Abraxas Family. With their monopoly on Lacrima, the crystalline power source of all Equestria’s magical technology, they have built an international multibillion-bit dynasty across the world. Follow the rise of Orion Abrasax, a lone human in Equestria adopted into House Abraxas and now heir to the family fortune; and Shining Armor, a dishonored former Captain of the Royal Guard, wrongfully accused and sentenced to Tartarus for crimes he did not commit. When ambition meets retribution, both man and stallion will embark on a venture that will shake the very corridors of power. Thrust into the dark, unforgiving world of business, money and politics, they will show Equestria that sometimes business can be personal... very personal.

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