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Just a Canadian brony that likes to read Pony X Anon stories. I don't have a favourite MLP character since they are all relatable in some way.


Happy to help · 6:40am Nov 29th, 2018

If you guys ever need any ideas for a story, I'll be happy to work with you to think of any. I'm not good at writing stories, but I can come up with ideas for them.

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I cant wait. They were enjoyable.

You're welcome. =) And yes. Definitely going to make more.

Oh thank you. And I really liked your pregnant stories starting the Equestria Girls. Are you going to be doing more?

Thanks for the follow! =) Also, if you want to reply to someone, just click on the >> button on the comment box. =)

No problem. Always nice to meet new people here. You ever need help in wiring a fanfic just let me know. :)

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