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Misunderstandings by the rogue wolf.
conviction by y1 (this will make you cry at times)
Past sins by pen stroke
the last human bu blackdragn18 (I know it's not written very well but it's pretty funny)
Fallout equestrian - the chrysalis by Phoenix dragon

these are some of the best and we'll written (aside from the last human) stories I could find.
-a humble writer

Written Fluke

p.s. could you please help me convince y1 to continue Conviction? It deserves to be permanently featured on the front page and it is incomplete by a long shot. The help would be appreciated.

49562 Sure thing! I just spent, literally, my entire night reading "A Dream" I was hoping to go up to "A Canterlot Wedding" and beg you to continue the story with Season 3! I read your blog post about not being able to have computer access for some time. If you don't mind asking, where are you going? If it's personal or something then that's okay. Hope you come back soon to write more awesome stuff!

Thanks for watching!

  • Viewing 1 - 3 of 3
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