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This story is a sequel to Harmony Unfurled

Luna is tired, and ready to settle into a nice, quiet life. Being a librarian is not the most glamorous job in the world, but at long last, her life finally feels like it belongs to her.

But it's fall. With the cold air rolling in, new threats lurk into the lengthening shadows. Some are old. And others, new. It seems the quiet life will have to wait.

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This story is a sequel to Harmony Unbound

Luna is home again. A new home, in fact; a library in Ponyville. Things are messy right now between her and Celestia, and awkward. After things ended so poorly between the two of them last time, and clearly neither of them is ready to face the other again, she instead found herself a new place in the world.

But Luna is not sad. She has a new life, and new friends to lift her spirits. It's all helped her settle in, settle her past, and finally be happy again. Even if she cannot or does not go back to her old life with Celestia, she's plenty confident she'll remain cheery and content.

Then tickets to the Grand Galloping Gala arrive for her and her friends, and it completely stresses her out. Because Celestia will be there, and she might not be ready, even by then.

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Luna has fallen back to Equestria. And, to her shock, she is no longer Nightmare Moon. Perhaps this is her second chance at life. Will she find it, wandering aimlessly into the nearby town? What will the new ponies she meets think? Can she truly hide among them, disguised as one of their own? Well, perhaps, with a little help from some new friends, as she leaves behind her crown, to run away from her past that haunts her.

But can you ever truly escape the monster you've become?

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