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Trying my hand at writing for the first time ;P

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Hello! I came across your story in latest update some week ago. couldn't remember your user name so i spent hours looking in archives for ya then at whatever page it was found the story, name and select follow this person.
yours is the 3rd story i've read using 'anon-a-miss' theme (i'm not one of those people who read a fic based on an over-used concept! like cupcakes) two other fics that broke this trend are Anon-A-Miss(takes) by Loinblaze103 & From the ashes by chris the cynic.

here's my very late review on the chapters you have written thus far.
Ch.1 was written beautifully. did like your jab at sunset joking about being suicidal with sci-twi by the statue.

Ch.2 - I liked that you had human shining armor be a cop in your fic. what instantly came into my mind while reading said chapter was a story called Fractured Sunlight by Oroboro used that premise. I don't know how long you've been in the fandom for or if you even heard of that fic? i can't wait to see what happens next!

p.s: if you wanna know more about myself or the stories i have planned pm me when you have the time:)

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