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My name is Redjay, online, and I'm a twenty year old marine biology student in Scotland. I also SCUBA dive, write fiction, blog, and take part in historical re-enactment.


So... Hi there. · 5:35pm May 14th, 2012

My better (arguably) half keeps linking me to awesome stories here, so I thought I'd sign up.

That, and I have a Ponyhammer fic half written a) on my computer b) in a notepad c) in the back of my mind, so I should... maybe post it somewhere. Problem is it still doesn't have a title. And it's getting a bit bigger than I had original expected it to be.

My penname's the Redjay, I'm twenty, and I live in Scotland. And I talk too fast, which is why I tend to type. So... Come at me, bro?

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